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About Us

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30+ Years Of experience.Our instructors are professional and dedicated to providing a safe learning environment for all students. A good school should teach students how to drive and prepare students to be confident on the road. We are dedicated to teaching all ages to feel secure behind the wheel.
If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact with our team 703-932-5334

Viviana Herbas

My name is Viviana Herbas and I am the founder/CEO of SSJI Driving School, LLC. I am the lead behind the wheel instructor and a LatinX Entrepreneur, Dreamer and small business owner. I am a mother of four wonderful children. The initials of their first names are SSJI (that’s where the name of the school comes from).I am a former Road Test Examiner from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). I’ve been in this field for several years now and I know what it takes to be a good and safe driver, so rest assure you will be in great hands. I am a bilingual fluent Spanish speaker and I am committed to making our community safer by demonstrating and teaching life-long driving skills to our youth and adults.

Alejandra Ponciano

My name is Alejandra Ponciano and I am the Executive Director of SSJI Driving School, LLC. I am originally from Guatemala. I am a proud mother of two girls. I studied Business Admistration in the University of Gallegos in Guatemala.

Feel free to contact us, or you can mail us to ssjidrivingschool@gmail.com



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Driving Basics
Apart form driving, we include learing the rules of the road.
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Class Formats
Coaching according to the Government syllabus.
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Perfect Timing
Students can choose their comfortable time.
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Affordable Fee
All our training packages are very affordable.
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