Adult Driver

What does the Waiver Adult 18 + consist of?

This program is for:

  • Adults looking to waive the DMV requirements of holding permit for 60 days

  • Adults looking to BYPASS taking the final road test at a DMV Center

Driving School in Sterling Virginia

What do I need to be eligible for this waiver course? What does Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles require?

This course requires two parts:


  • You must have a permit

  • You must have completed a 36 hours Driver Education Class (If this was taken at your local High School you will have to call them and ask for your DEC-1 Driver Completion card)


  • Total of 7 Driving Lessons

  • Each Lesson is 1 hour and 40 minutes long

  • 50 minutes of driving and 50 minute observing

    • On the last day (7th Lesson) the DMV certified instructor will give you a road test. If you pass you will now be EXEMPT from taking the Road Test at DMV and will be issued a waiver.

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